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Our new movie “ONEKOTAN – THE LOST ISLAND” is here.

Find all the information and the Full Movie  here:
Watch the Trailer!

Official Premiere will take place on October 14th in Oval Cinema/Salzburg

get your tickets here:

Get the Full Movie on I-Tunes soon.

Visit a screening of the Full Movie here: (click date for details)

14.10.2015 19.30 Salzburg/Oval/Europark

22.10.2015 Ride Night Stuttgart

23.10.2015 Messe Wien

23.10.2015 Ride Night Biberach

29.10.2015 Kufstein FH

30.10.2015 Amsterdam

30.10.2015 Ride Night Neunkirchen

31.10.2015 Ride Night Weinheim

6.11.2015 BMW Welt Munich

7.11.2015 Alpinmesse Innsbruck (Lecture, not full Movie)

10.-14.11.2015 Bergfilmfestival Graz

12.11.2015 Ride Night Ronsberg Schindele

13.11.2015 Ride Night Freiburg

14.11.2015 Ride Night Kaiserslautern

15.11.2015 Bergsichten Dresden (Lecture, not Full Movie)

19.11.2015 Ohlsdorf

21.11.2015 Krems an der Donau

21.11.2015 Holzkirchen/Bergzeit

2.12.2015 Bergfilmfestival Salzburg (Lecture/Full Movie in official Festival programm)




  1. Spectre - November 10, 2015

    is that island near by Iceland???

  2. Matthias - November 10, 2015

    it´s the same planet, just on the other side ;)

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