A new Adventure starts soon…

A new Adventure starts soon…

July 6, 2012 in Real Lif(v)e Blog

Although it´s hot summer here, the freaks are already planning their next trip.

On August 11th, we,


Fabian Lentsch



will head to New Zealand to realize a very diffcult and maybe dangerous project. After 29 hours flying around the world,  6 hours car drive, and a 20 minutes flight into the glacier terrain around Mt. Cook, we will be in the middle of Nowhere, finally.Currently we are planning details, for to stay several days in tents far away from anything civilized.

Recently we got this message from Mark, a NZ local mountain guide. Read it and understand, why we are a bit excited ;)

“You can fly in with fixed wing planes or helicopter. It is outside of our terrain and no heli-skiing happens there. You climb and ski. Yes you can fly out from the lower Tasman Glacier. You can only land by the huts, not on the summits. Be careful, it’s pretty serious stuff up there in winter, big crevasses and avalanches. Bring ropes etc.

I got swept off Mt Green by a massive avalanche and buried in a crevasse in 1995, which broke my back……..

Good luck,

Mark ”

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