Date for Launch of “Another day in Paradise” fixed

Date for Launch of “Another day in Paradise” fixed

May 16, 2012 in Real Lif(v)e Blog

It´s time to write a new blog post. After a lot of organizing and editing, we finally have set the date for the premiere of the new M-Line Movie “Another day in Paradise”

On Oct. 12th we will launch the Tour in Salzburg (Europark) and we will once again tour through Austria, Germany and some other countries, like Poland and some more.

Featured Athletes in this movie are

Sandra Lahnsteiner

Pia Widmesser

– Sebastian Fischer

Matthias Haunholder

Tom Leitner

– Matthias Mayr

Phil Meier

Flo Orley

Christian Reichenberger


The whole movie was shot on locations in… exactly ;)  … Paradise !


So mark the 12. october in your timetable, and better mark the 13. too, cause you will need this day to recover from the Afterparty ;)

Soon you will get more info about the movie, stay tuned….



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