F**k Facebook, I have my own Timeline

F**k Facebook, I have my own Timeline

September 27, 2011 in Real Lif(v)e Blog

It´s really funny that everyone is complaining about facebook “on” facebook!

I think facebook is just a mirror of our society. So it´s not facebook that´s evil…
Who created all the content on facebook? Zuckerberg? No, it was the 7999999999 other Users. And now some of them are afraid that some things from the past that might could cause problems, could get rediscovered. Question: If I had killed someone 20 years ago, would it not count anymore today, cause of limitation? No it would still count, but facebook would not find it, 20 years ago there was just Bill Gates :)

Anyway, I will now create my own Time Line, right here, right now. Watch my development of freeski movie parts during the years. And I post it on facebook and you can like it :)

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