Mission completed

Mission completed

August 25, 2012 in Real Lif(v)e Blog

We successfully completed our “New Zealand” Mission.


Gri, Hauni and me stayed just  3 days on the Tasman Glacier, since we got a bad weather forecast, we decided to fly out as soon as possible. The other guys, decided to take the risk and kept staying in the wilderness. And they were lucky. Just one bad weather day followed by several sunny days. That gave Fabi and Raphi the chance to ski probably the sickest lines ever  in this area. And our filmer Simon and Photographer Jonas did a great job and caught everything on camera. Leaving europe a few weeks ago with mixed feelings, knowing that weather conditions usually are very unstable all over New Zealand, we now are relaxed, happy and proud of what we accomplished. Due to very slow web access here in Kiwi land we will postpone the uploads of the making of clips to when we are back in northern hemisphere.

cheers from the other side of the World




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